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Women-only Photography Escape by Shutterbug Walkabouts – Bruny Island, Tasmania

19th November 2021

Nicknamed ‘Birds on Bruny’ … A bird photography experience for female photo-enthusiasts.

Escape to Bruny Island for a weekend of photographing birds and wildlife on Inala Private Conservation Reserve and other birding hotspots on Bruny Island.

This is an empowering female-led experience creating space for female photo-enthusiasts of all ages to discover, experience and photograph birds, from the delightful songbirds to regal birds – perched, singing, feeding, interacting with other birds, in flight and a myriad of other characteristics.

You’ll learn from accomplished and award-winning nature and wildlife photographer Coreena Vieth. Coreena will impart her knowledge, expertise and approach to photographing birds and wildlife in their natural habitat with daily tutorials, guided photo shoots and other activities to complement the overall experience.
A not to be missed opportunity to photograph raptors from a world class purpose-built photography hide.

Wander along walking trails, in the forest and rise into the tree canopies on elevated viewing platforms to get closer to the birds flitting about in the tree canopy, including the endangered Forty-spotted Pardalotes.

Indulge in a deluxe menu of meals, snacks, refreshments and beverages, sourced locally as much as possible.

Do little or lots, it’s your choice. In the company of like-minded female photographers, enjoy an individual experience too.

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$2295 - $2295


320 Cloudy Bay Road South Bruny, Tasmania Australia 7150