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There are some real quirky gems and delightful surprises hiding in the Southern Trove! Stumbling across a local treasure or intriguing discovery is always fun. We’ve jotted down a few tips to help you on your way. Happy exploring!

1. The Woodbridge Village Street Library

While enjoying your real life adventure, stop at the adorable Woodbridge Village Street Library and find a literary adventure to dive into. There’s tonnes to choose from, not to mention book swapping is great for the environment, your wallet, and de-cluttering!

Image: @_debra_leanne/Instagram

2. Art Farm Birchs Bay Sculpture Trail

This one is a delightful on-foot adventure with quirky gems galore! The annual Art Farm Birchs Bay Sculpture Trail takes around one hour to complete, and dogs are even welcome on a lead. The farm and forest walks are open all year, showcasing several permanent sculptures. This year’s temporary sculpture exhibition is on until the end of July.

Image: @peterward7667/Instagram

3. The Shipwreck of The Laura

Flirt with the pirate life and find the shipwreck at Little Peppermint Bay. The Laura was an old river steamer that once traded around the south east coast. At low tide, it’s possible to reach the wreck by walking around the headland from Woodbridge.

Image: @dylanstrong_aerial_photography/Instagram

4. Roadside stalls

Now, while we don’t recommend stopping by the side of the road for hitchhikers, we do recommend stopping at the Southern Trove’s delightful roadside stalls. Pick up some of the Huon Valley’s famous apples, plus other fresh fruit, vegetables, and homemade produce. You can even find freshly cut flowers in The Channel’s aptly named Flowerpot!

Image: @pekoephoto/Instagram

5. Loo with a view on Bruny

There’s no need to take the newspaper in with you at Cloudy Bay! This long drop has a long view so you can watch nature TV while you take care of business. Don’t worry, the windows are one way, so relax and enjoy the beach views!

Image: @vanalyzethis/Instagram

6. Mars Bluff

The fascinating dolerite rock formations at Bruny Island’s Mars Bluff include a mystical archway that might just be a portal to another world. Mars Bluff lies at the northern end of Adventure Bay, and is a favourite feature of the 12 km return day-walk to Cape Queen Elizabeth.

Image: @martina_zed/Instagram

7. Dusk at The Neck

The Neck is impressive enough during the day, with the amazing panoramic views and island scenery. But, at dusk, little penguins and short-tailed shearwaters make their way up the beach and return to their nests! Huddle calmly on the viewing platforms and witness this special occurrence. During peak times (from September to February), a Parks and Wildlife guide is present to offer assistance.

Image: @tassieland/Instagram

8. White wallabies

Now, our Australian wildlife is pretty unique, but Bruny’s famous white wallabies are super special! Their distinctive colourings are due to the emergence of a recessive gene in the local population. They are found in relatively high numbers on Bruny Island, so keep your eyes peeled (tip: try lurking around Adventure Bay, near the Fluted Cape entrance to the South Bruny National Park).

Image: @hello_popo/Instagram

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Header image:
Mars Bluff, @mrskatiehope/Instagram

Isabel Galloway