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Bruny Island, 40km south of Hobart, is a treasure trove of rugged beauty, unique wildlife and incredible local produce. Loved by locals and visitors alike, the gems of North Bruny and the jewels of South Bruny are clasped together by a narrow isthmus known as ‘The Neck’. Here are four reasons to spend some time at this special spot.

The Panoramic Views
Feel your heart beat in excitement (and maybe a bit of exertion) as you climb the wooden steps to the Truganini Lookout. At the top, you’ll be rewarded with dazzling 360 degree views of land and sea. Pause for a moment at the memorial and learn about the indigenous Nuenonne people who lived on Bruny Island before European settlement.
@nz_odysseys Sunset at The Neck @isabel_galloway @x_plore_the_world The Neck
Images via Instagram: @nz_odysseys | @isabel_galloway | @x_plore_the_world

The Stunning Beach
The Neck Beach is a sight to behold with remarkably sparkling water and clean sand. Spend some time relaxing on the beach, have a paddle (weather permitting), or go for a stroll and see what you can discover. You could comfortably stay for a night or two (or longer) at the campground 20 metres from the beach, with many accessible flat sites, car parking, picnic facilities and toilets on site.
@erowan Bruny Island Neck @hundredacrehideaway The Neck Beach
Images via Instagram: @erowan | @hundredacrehideaway

The Winsome Wildlife
The Neck Game Reserve is an important habitat for the island’s native wildlife. Boardwalks and viewing platforms offer an opportunity for visitors to unobtrusively observe the charming little locals. For a memorable experience, visit at dusk to observe short-tailed shearwaters glide in from the water and little penguins waddle up the beach in groups, as they return to their burrows in the sand dunes (best viewed from September to February).
@marliesrottiers Penguin at The Neck @hundredacrehideaway The Neck @noel.demarchi The Neck
Images via Instagram: @marliesrottiers | @hundredacrehideaway | @noel.demarchi

The Adventurous Walk
If you love bushwalking, don’t miss the Cape Queen Elizabeth Track (12km/3 hours return). You’ll trek through bush and across sandy beaches during this easy walk within the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve. Allow time to pause and take in the spectacular views across the Neck, and then towards Adventure Bay. Try and spot a forty-spotted pardalote among the white gums, find the little fisherman’s shack hidden in the dunes at Miles Beach, and be delighted with the rock formations at Mars Bluff.
@mciver_james @alicepamment Cape Queen Elizabeth
Images via Instagram: @mciver_james | @alicepamment

Unearth more info on Bruny Island’s attractions, local eateries, and places to stay here.

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