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Nature lovers, this one’s for you. The Hartz Mountains National Park (84km south west of Hobart) boasts a spectacular landscape millions of years in the making. Read on for four reasons to visit this wild and unique treasure trove.

1. Glaciers
Glaciers are super cool and we love what they’ve done with the place. During past ice ages, glaciers shaped the dazzling landscape we get to enjoy today. Just a few million years in the making, no biggie.

The park overlooks Tasmania’s south-west wilderness, with stunning views of remote ranges that stretch as far as the southern coast. A striking dolerite range runs through the centre of the park, with tumbling waterfalls and glacial lakes dotting the plateau.

3. Walks
With a range of walks available, there’s something for everyone. Ease into it with the Waratah Walk, and find yourself at a lookout platform with sweeping forest views within minutes. For a longer hike, embark upon the stunning Hartz Peak track. The landscape is full of surprises, with a wide variety of vegetation to explore, from wet eucalpyt forest and rainforest through to alpine heath on the rugged mountain tops.

4. Wildlife
Keep an eye out for echidnas, Bennetts wallabies, and pademelons during the day. If you’re really lucky, you might even spot an elusive platypus! Several frog species can also be heard calling out during the day, including the Moss Froglet, a previously unknown species until its 1992 discovery at the Hartz Mountains! What a precious discovery.

For more info: Hobart & Beyond | Discover Tasmania | Parks & Wildlife Service

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Images: Jack Sutton | Lauren Cooper | Justin Cage


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