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Psssst! We have a few secrets to share… Did you know that the towns dotted along the D’Entrecasteaux Channel offer some incredibly unique experiences? With rolling green hills right down to the water’s edge, there are hidden coves to explore, specialty farms and restaurants to visit, an amazing raptor and wildlife refuge, picturesque forest walks, and many more gems to unearth. Read on for our picks of the precious jewels of the Channel.

Delight in the view from the water on a Peppermint Bay Cruise
Sip a glass of bubbles and sit back in comfort on Peppermint Bay II – a luxurious 23 metre catamaran. After departing from Hobart, take in the majestic views of the city, harbour and Derwent River through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and atrium on the main deck, or from the exciting outer deck. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you slice your way along the stunning D’Entrecasteaux Channel towards the pristine waters of Peppermint Bay. On a recent cruise, the captain pointed out a majestic White-bellied Sea-Eagle perched in a tree on the waterfront (image below)! At the restaurant, enjoy bistro dining featuring local and regional produce, while taking in the spectacular views across the Channel and north to Mt Wellington. Explore the scenic village of Woodbridge before heading back to Hobart.
For more info: Peppermint Bay CruisePeppermint Bay

czechingoutofhere-peppermint-bay-cruise-copy-3 kathrynleahy-taroona-cliffs-peppermint-bay-cruise-2 kathrynleahy-white-bellied-sea-eagle-peppermint-bay-cruise-copy-2
Images: (L) | (M, R)

Try something ewenique at Grandvewe Sheep Cheesery & Distillery
You’ll have an udderly delightful time visiting Grandvewe Cheesery! Nestled among the rolling green hills of Birchs Bay, the restaurant (and paddocks) boast stunning water views. As Australia’s only Certified Organic Sheep dairy, Grandvewe produce specialty hand crafted cheese, gelato and yoghurt as well as their Sheep Whey Vodka. Visitors are welcome to explore the farm, try the range of cheeses and local fare in the restaurant, and tour the distillery. You can even watch ‘The Girls’ in action, with milking demonstrations at 3.00pm each day between October and March. This gem is an immersive experience like no other – flock to it!
For more info: Grandvewe Sheep Cheesery & Distillery | Grandvewe

daisychainsandpicnics-grandvewe-copy-3 daisychainsandpicnics-grandvewe-vodka-copy-3 loves_laughs-ewe-at-grandvewe
Images: (L,M) | (R)

Eat farm fresh at Pepperberries Garden Cafe and walk it off in the forest
Stop in at this amazing Birchs Bay cafe to enjoy a scrumptious meal, made with produce from the farm’s kitchen garden and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. You can easily spend a few hours strolling through the kitchen garden or following the various walking tracks (art sculpture trail, anyone?) through the forest and surrounding farm land (responsible dog-walkers are welcome). You can even take a picnic pack to enjoy in a secluded, leafy spot. Don’t forget to pick up a little something to take home – the farm produces a significant proportion of Australia’s native pepper crop, which is grown, dried and packaged at the farm and sold under the Diemen Pepper label.
For more info: Pepperberries Garden Cafe | Fleurtys

mysterymystique-pepperberries rose_red_ladybug-pepperberries thewoodbridgemarket
Images: (L) | (M) | (R)

Learn about Tasmania’s majestic raptors at the Raptor & Wildlife Refuge
The passionate folk at the Raptor & Wildlife Refuge at Kettering work hard to rehabilitate injured, sick and orphaned raptors. As a working refuge (not a zoo or wildlife park), they offer a very special guided tour experience via appointment only. Small groups are welcome to book a private walk and talk tour, to get up close with these amazing creatures and learn about them firsthand. This is one experience that will sparkle in your memory for years to come!
For more info: Raptor & Wildlife Refuge | Raptor Refuge

raptor_refuge raptor_refuge raptor_refuge


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