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The Southern Trove is the perfect place to slow the pace. Take a deep breath, live in the moment, and let the region’s natural beauty carry you away to your happy place. We’ve got 15 fantastic stress busters to help you relax.

1. Watch a sunrise or sunset

Rise in the peaceful moments before dawn and start the day watching pastel pinks and glowing golds explode across the sky. At the end of the day, see the sun go down from the balcony of the historic Cape Bruny Lighthouse with a Bruny Island Lighthouse Tour.

Image: @ringhole/Instagram

2. Find a deserted beach

Pack a picnic and choose your own adventure on our island paradise. There are beautiful bays and hidden coves dotted along the coastline, from the popular beaches in the Channel right down to the  white sand and turquoise waters of the Far South. Perhaps stop at Woodbridge Village Street Library and pick up some reading material along the way!

Image (Southport Beach): @ladyjoadams/Instagram

3. Breathe fresh mountain air

What’s more invigorating than breathing in that fresh Tassie air? The Hartz Mountains National Park offers a range of walks through stunning glacial landscapes. The higher you get, the more spectacular the views. More experienced hikers, explore the rugged peaks of the Southwest National Park.

If you want that fresh mountain air but aren’t up for a walk, head to Hartzview Vineyard and enjoy a cheeky glass of wine. Alternatively, gaze across the water at Adamsons Peak from the comfort of your hot tub in Essentially Tas’ Dover holiday homes.

Image: @renato.mattar/Instagram

4. Cruise on a historic tall ship

Sail away, sail away, sail away. At Franklin, jump aboard the traditional sailing ketch, Yukon, and glide gently up the Huon River. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the wind in your hair as you sail on this treasure.

Image: @melissa_bone_photography/Instagram

5. Explore native gardens

Tasmania’s largest landscaped native garden awaits at Margate. Inverawe Native Gardens features thousands of colourful native plants, stunning views, and interpretive signs. Enjoy tea on the terrace or take a guided tour. The gardens are open daily from September to May.

Image: @imogen/Instagram

6. Walk in the countryside

Meander down those charming country lanes and tip your hat to others out for a gentle stroll. Gaze out across the rolling green hills and say hello to sheep, alpacas, highland cows, and other friendly locals. Maybe even stop to smell the roses (if you find some spilling over a cottage’s front fence).

Image: @georgieheartmedia/Instagram

7. Go birdwatching

There are lots of good spots to catch sight of our feathered friends in the Southern Trove. Explore the white gum forest on the Tinderbox Peninsula and perhaps spot a forty-spotted pardalote. At Melaleuca, in the Southwest National Park, observe the orange-bellied parrot—one of the world’s rarest and most endangered species.

Bruny Island is a birder’s paradise (the Bruny Island Bird Festival is on from 19 – 22 October 2018). All 12 species endemic to Tasmania call the island home, including the critically endangered forty-spotted pardalote, swift parrot, and Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle.

Image: @sandra_celebrates_tasmania/Instagram

8. Chase waterfalls

The tranquil sound of a waterfall echoing through the forest is sure to melt your stress away. The 1 hour / 2km return walk to Snug Falls is one of the region’s most popular walks (you can even bring the dog). The well-worn track gradually descends through bushland to the cool, fern-lined gully beneath the waterfall. Other options include Pelverata Falls in the Snug Tiers Nature Reserve and Adamsons Falls in the Southwest National Park.

Image: @mattdavis_insta/Instagram

9. Stargaze

Like diamonds in the sky, indeed! On a clear night, look to the heavens and see the milky way twinkling overhead. You might even get lucky and catch an Aurora Australis. The further away from the city lights you go, the better the view.

Image (Fossil Cove): @mattdavis_insta/Instagram

10. Art therapy

Art is therapy. Explore the art galleries in creative towns like Cygnet and admire the local talent. Visit the Woodbridge Hill Handweaving Studio to learn about handweaving, watch a weaver at work, and browse the range of handwoven goods. Go on a little adventure and wander the delightfully quirky annual Sculpture Trail at the Art Farm Birchs Bay. The Farm and Forest Walks are open all year round (dogs are welcome on a lead).

Image: @artfarmbirchsbay/Instagram

11. Hit the surf

Wetsuit up—the icy water is sure to keep you living in the moment (and provide added incentive to stand upright on your board). It’s just you and the ocean, and the salty taste of freedom. Good spots to hit the surf include Bruny Island’s Cloudy Bay and Southport’s Roaring Beach.

Image (Blackmans Bay): @mattdavis_insta/Instagram

12. Explore underwater

If staying upright on a surfboard is a bit tricky, embrace beneath the waves with some diving or snorkelling. All is quiet and peaceful below the surface; it’s just you and your thoughts floating by the kelp forest. Oh, and the occasional fish or seahorse. Tinderbox Marine Reserve is a great place to start.

Image: @sandy_photography/Instagram

13. Soak your troubles away

Perhaps bathing in the forest is more appealing than the chilly sea? Jump in for a relaxing float in the hot springs pool at Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs. You might also like to book yourself a cheeky little getaway at some accommodation with a hot tub or outdoor bath (try Essentially Tas‘ holiday homes, Woodbridge Hill Hideaway, Bruny Island’s Hundred Acre Hideaway, or Huon Bush Retreats).

Image: @hastings_caves_and_beyond/Instagram

14. Eat cake

…and whatever else you fancy! Good company is one hell of a stress relief, and the Southern Trove is full of incredible pairings: coffee and cake, award-winning wine and artisan cheese, whisky and fudge, honey and berries, fish and chips, and the list goes on… Savour every delicious mouthful.

Image: @brunyislandpremiumwine/Instagram

15. Reflect

What better place for a spot of reflection than gazing out at some beautiful mirror-like reflections in the Huon River? This scenery is so picturesque it looks like a painting (art enthusiasts, whip out your sketch book or easel).  The towns and waterside walks along the Huon River all boast beautiful views. Historic Franklin is a favourite spot with all the charming wooden boats.

Image: @twinbutterfly245/Instagram

For accommodation options, see Where to Stay. For more holiday tips, see Exploring the Trove.

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Header image:
Cape Bruny Lighthouse | @melissa_bone_photography/Instagram

Isabel Galloway