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Unfold your treasure map and trace it right to the bottom… The Far South is dotted with seaside delights, hidden natural wonders, breathtaking beaches, and awe-inspiring wilderness! Bring an appetite for adventure and a healthy curiosity on your journey to the end of Australia’s southern-most road. Here are our tips on where to stop and dig for treasure along the way.

Stuff yourself silly with Dover’s world class seafood
Soak up the old world charm at the pretty fishing village of Dover, with the quaint cottages and lovely English trees adding a rich ambiance to this scenic fishing town. Dover is a treasurebox of seafood, with the salmon, abalone and crayfish some of the best in the world. Be sure to indulge where it’s freshest – right at the source! The town is also home to sprawling orchards, so chomp on a crispy apple before you hit the road again.

Explore an underground wonderland at Hastings Caves
Your sense of wonder will be lighting up all over the place with a visit to one of the world’s great dolomite caves! Hastings Caves were formed millions of years ago, but stayed a hidden gem until 1917, when they were discovered by timber workers. Your guide will lead you on an enthralling cave tour, where you’ll discover spectacular subterranean formations including flowstone, stalactites, stalagmites and the unusual helictites. Float all your worries away in the warm thermal swimming pool, which is fed by a natural spring and surrounded by lush forest and ferns.
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Travel the mesmerising Ida Bay Railway
Delight your inner train-loving child and jump aboard Ida Bay Railway’s historic WWII diesel locomotive. The track was originally used to cart limestone to ships waiting at Deep Hole Bay. Today, get your camera ready and settle into your seat for the unforgettable 14km journey through wildflower-dotted bushland and coastal heath. The trip includes stopping at a stunning, remote beach for lunch before winding your way back to Lune River Station.

Celebrate your adventure to the edge of the map at dazzling Cockle Creek
The official end of the road! Breathe in some of the freshest air in the country and prepare to be dazzled by nature on a grand scale in this remote and unspoilt location. Cockle Creek is situated on the sparkling turquoise waters of Recherche Bay, which shines like a jewel at the edge of the lush forest. From here, continue the search for treasure in the wilderness, and go hiking in the wild and ruggedly beautiful Southwest National Park.

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