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The Southern Trove’s vast treasures are not all above ground – there’s a whole other world thriving below the surface! Tinderbox Marine Reserve in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel is home to a plethora of sea life, including: seaweeds, fish, weedy sea dragons, seahorses, octopus and squid. These interesting and wonderful creatures welcome your visit.

How do I get there?
Tinderbox Marine Reserve is a 30 minute drive south of Hobart. The marine reserve incorporates the beach and foreshore at Tinderbox Bay (the main entry point), and extends 1.4km north-east to Piersons Point. White paired poles mark the northern and western boundaries.
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Images via Instagram: @tasmanian_aerial_photography | @sarason58

How do I get a glimpse of the marine life?
In warmer weather, Tinderbox Marine Reserve is the perfect place to go snorkelling or scuba diving. There’s even an underwater snorkel trail suitable for a range of skill levels, from snorkelling novices to experienced divers. If you’d prefer to stay dry, paddle about in a kayak. Remember to be respectful – fishing is prohibited and the entire marine reserve is a fully protected ‘no-take’ area.
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Images via Instagram:@whodidthat_official | @peteoftas

What will I find underwater?
The reserve boasts diverse habitats, with an abundance of spectacular marine wildlife – 77 macroalgae (seaweed) species, 60 fish species and numerous invertebrates have been recorded in the reserve. In the northern section, you might spy schools of bastard trumpeter swimming amongst giant kelp forests. As well as the resident fish species and pelagic fish passing through, you might spot soft corals, sea whips and sea pens, octopus and squid, sea urchins and sea stars, crabs and lobsters, elegant stingrays, and enchanting sea dragons and sea horses. The diverse habitats found in the reserve include sheltered and moderately exposed sub-tidal reef, intertidal reef, giant kelp forests, sponge gardens, seagrass beds and soft-sandy sediments.
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Images via Instagram: @oneflukeshot@kateelizabeth_p 

Is there anything I can see from the shore?
There shore is! Explore the rock platforms at low tide, and see what curious creatures are lurking in the rock pools (this is a fun one for kids especially). You can also kick back and relax on the beach to recover from all the excitement of being an amateur marine biologist! Oh, and don’t forget about the land animals – the fish life also support a number of special birds that nest along the shore, including the white-breasted sea eagle and fairy penguin.
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Images via Instagram: @adventuretasmania | @mephli | @regor2013

Unearth more info on the area’s attractions here: D’Entrecasteaux Channel

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