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What’s that, glinting in the light? Look a little closer… It’s treasure! The Southern Trove is filled to bursting with hidden delights. You’ll be fascinated by nature as you explore the natural wonders of the south. Dig a little deeper and be awestruck by the hidden gems you unearth amongst the creative townships. Here are some hints about what to look for – we promise you’ll return feeling richer from the experience!

The Channel
Just 20 minutes from Hobart, the Channel Highway winds playfully along the coast. Drive past secret coves, protected bays, and peaceful beaches as you pass through the seaside towns of Margate, Snug and Kettering (the gateway to Bruny Island), then onto Woodbridge, Birches Bay, Middleton and the artist’s haven of Cygnet. Keep an eye out for roadside stalls selling colourful flowers, fresh fruit and other treasures.
For more info, see: The Channel

Kettering | Image:

Bruny Island
Stunning coastlines, awe-inspiring wilderness and unique wildlife make Bruny Island a utopia for nature lovers. Climb the steps at the Neck and gaze around in wonder taking in the 360 degree views. When it starts getting dark, see if you can spot a penguin swimming ashore and scurrying up the beach. Your taste buds will be delighted with the island’s bounty, which includes chocolate, wine, cheese, berries and fresh oysters.
For more info, see: Bruny Island

South Bruny Island | Image:

Huon Valley
Fine food, freshly picked and handcrafted delights await in the Huon. The main hub, Huonville, is famous for its apples and cider lovers will be in heaven! Stop in at studios and galleries to admire the work of local artists and craftspeople and choose a precious keepsake. Immerse yourself in the specialist craft of wooden boat building at Franklin. At Geeveston, get swept up in the rich pioneer heritage of logging days gone by. Gaze up in wonder at the giants of the forest at the Tahune Airwalk.
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Tahune Airwalk | Image:

Far South
Take a deep breath of the purest air on earth – you’ll need it to take in nature on such a grand scale! At Cockle Creek, you’ll likely be the only person exploring the pristine beaches, so take your time strolling along the white sand and swimming in the sapphire water. Wind your way through the temperate rainforests from the comfort of the Ida Bay Railway. Descend into nature’s cathedrals at Hastings Caves and immerse yourself in the warm thermal springs. Sample some of the best crayfish, oysters and salmon at the seaside towns of Dover and Southport. If you’re a keen surfer, ask a local to let you in on the spectacular secret breaks.
For more info, see: Far South

Hastings Caves | Image:

Header image: Cockle Creek | Tassiegrammer
Words: Isabel Galloway